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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Turn the timer knob to "fill" and select warm wash, warm rinse. Turn the machine on for ten seconds. This will run the water out of the inlet valve. Pour a quart of pink RV antifreeze into the basket.

winterizing camper washing machine

This is a propylene glycol based antifreeze and is non-poisonous and often used in RVs Recreational Vehicles. Set the washer for "drain and spin". Let it run for about 30 seconds.You need to clean it thoroughly before sanitizing your washing machine. If the fabric softener well is removable, take it off the agitator and rinse it thoroughly in a sink.

winterizing camper washing machine

Some wells can be taken apart completely, which makes them easier to clean. You may need to use cotton swabs to dislodge buildup from smaller crevices.

winterizing camper washing machine

Depending on how much residue is stuck inside, you may need to let the well soak in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Next, wipe down the agitator. Most residue can be removed with a damp clothand anything that's left will come off when you sanitize the machine.

Before beginning the winterizing process, sanitize your washing machine.

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Over time, dirt, grime, and detergent residue accumulate within the machine. To get rid of the gunk, sanitize your washing machine with a kitchen staple: white vinegar. It's an all-natural, effective cleaning agent that also neutralizes odors. Pour one gallon of white vinegar into your washing machine and run a full cycle. This removes most residue and odors. Once the cycle completes, run a regular rinse cycle to wash away the rest of the vinegar.

How to Winterize a Washing Machine

Pipes can freeze in the winter, and when they have water inside them, the pipes are at risk of bursting. To prevent this from happening in your laundry room, turn off the water supply to the washing machine. Keep in mind that this may affect the water supply to surrounding appliances and fixtures, such as the dishwasher or faucets.

winterizing camper washing machine

Begin by draining the hoses. Start with the hose connected to the water supply and detach it, letting water flow into a bucket. Next, remove the washer drain hose. This is connected to the washer's drain port and the opening to your home's drain. Lay this hose on the floor while it's still connected to the drain port.

Let the excess water drain into a shallow pan, such as a cookie sheet with well-defined edges. With the flow of water, the hose may move around and cause the water to spill on the floor.

To make sure it stays put, use electrical tape or duct tape to secure it to the floor. To clear the pumps, tilt your washing machine to drain any residual water. Finally, wipe down the washing machine with an absorbent, scratch-free cloth until it's completely dry. Now that your washing machine is fully drained, add a quart of RV antifreeze where you normally pour laundry detergent. Next, run the washing machine for approximately half a minute to mix it with residual water in the pump.In all instances, every effort is made to ensure the correctness of all content on the RV Doctor Website.

It is imperative that if you choose to follow any instructions or procedures outlined on any page of this website, you must first satisfy yourself thoroughly that neither personal nor product safety will be compromised or jeopardized. If you are in doubt or do not feel comfortable about a procedure, do not continue. Simply call your local RV service facility and make an appointment with them.

The advice, recommendations and procedures offered by the RV Doctor are solely those of Gary. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions, procedures and recommendations of our sponsors or advertisers.

Read more info about the RV Doctor Website here. But in all cases, named products have been tested personally by Gary or to his strict standards and under his direction, by other RVers or service technicians. Powered by Blogger and Hybrid. Bloggerized by Free Blogger Templates. Powered by Blogger. Previous Pause Next.

We are saddened to announce the passing of the RV Doctor April 17, W e hope the RV Doctor website will continue to provide helpful information for you. Jack O. That's what I like Jack; short and to the point! You can't get any more direct than that! If there is no shut-off valve dedicated to the washer, it is best to have one installed. Leaving the machine completely void of water and isolated from the rest of the fresh water system will enable you to use RV anti-freeze in the remainder of the system, if necessary.

For the fresh water plumbing system, there are two winterizing methods; the dry method and the wet method. It is usually the depth of the expected winter that determines which way to go. I recommend the wet method using RV anti-freeze if many days of below freezing temperatures are expected.

And the dry method if the expected temp stays above freezing for the most part.As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

Perhaps the latter is not on your list of top priorities, but if you own a washing machine that you know will be exposed to temperatures below freezing, then winterization is essential.

So without further ado, keep reading to find out how to winterize a washing machine quickly and easily. Equipment that is designed to be used in areas that experience extreme cold also undergoes the process of winterization. Various complex devices, like electronics, automobiles, and radios, as well as other common materials, are not meant to be used at very low temperatures.

Therefore, they must be winterized so that they can operate without suffering severe damage from the cold conditions. Winterization can involve a chemical treatment process, the total substitution of new parts, or additional insulation and waterproofing. Weatherization can be thought of as a cold-weather extension of ruggedization. If you are storing your washer and dryer in an unheated basement or outside, or you are closing your summer home up for the winter, your washing machine is going to end up being exposed to temperatures that are below freezing.

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Washing machines - even ones that are not in use - have build-ups of residual water in the pump and holes that are susceptible to freezing in cold weather. Water expands when it freezes, and when this happens in a washing machine, the inlet valves and pump can become seriously damaged.

Even worse, you could face the invalidation of your warranty if your washing machine is damaged due to exposure to freezing temperatures without being winterized prior. Winterizing your washing machine will ensure that it does not suffer this damage, either by removing any residual water, or mixing it with RV antifreeze.

One quick way to winterize your washing machine is by using an antifreeze designed for use on RVs. The substance will prevent any water that may be trapped inside of your washing machine from freezing, which prevents the serious damage we mentioned previously.

To do this, you will want to start by turning the faucets in your washing machine off, disconnecting the water hosepipes, and letting them drain out.

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Then, add 1 quart of RV antifreeze to the basket. RV antifreeze is non-toxic and propylene glycol-based, meaning that you can safely use it in your washing machine without damaging it or polluting your clothes.

Run the machine for around 30 seconds to ensure that the antifreeze liquid mixes with any water that is still in the pump. Finally, unplug the washing machine or simply turn the power off. When you are ready to start using it again, after power has been restored, make sure that you run some water through the hoses and pipes to flush them out.

Then, connect the water hoses again, and turn the water faucets on. Run the washing machine through an extended, full cycle to ensure that all of the antifreeze is removed, using vinegar or detergent. Another method to winterize a washing machine is to drain it of water. To do this, start by shutting off the faucets that supply water to the machine, then disconnect the hose from the water supply and let the water inside them drain out completely.

The drain hose is the one that connects to the drain port at the bottom of the washing machine to the drain opening inside your home. Lay it down on the floor and leave it connected to the drain port, allowing the water from the hose to drain into a shallow pan. Once all of the hose pipes have been cleared, tilt the washing machine at the front so that all extra water that may still be stuck in the hose is drained away.

When you are ready to begin using the machine again, allow it to sit at room temperature for a full day and night before you use it. Then, all you need to do is reconnect the faucets to the hose pipes, drain the water supply faucets, and turn them back on again.

The first thing you want to do when preparing your washing machine for storage is to run a cleaning cycle.

A cleaning cycle will remove any pollutants and build-ups to ensure that it is perfectly clean when you place it into storage. Run a hot water cycle without detergent, but feel free to add a small amount of bleach to deodorize. Then, you will want to take some time to prepare the area you will store your washing machine in.For vacation homes with a washing machine, the unit cannot just be turned off and left for months without use.

Water remaining in the pipes of the machine may freeze during the winter, causing severe damage to the appliance. Before putting away a washing machine for the winter, especially if it will be kept in an unheated space, prepare it for the coming cold. Pour 1 gallon of vinegar into the empty washing machine and run it on a hot water cycle to remove any dirt and odor-causing debris in the washing machine before storing it.

Pour 1 qt. Remove the drain hose from the standpipe and put the end of the pipe into a bucket on the floor to remove any water in the drain line. Open the hot and cold taps for the washing machine to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the water lines. Reconnect the supply and drain pipes for the washer and plug the appliance into an outlet when you are ready to use it again. Flush the antifreeze from the washer by running a regular cycle with the antifreeze in the bottom of the tub, and follow it with a hot water cycle with 1 gallon of vinegar added to the water.

How to winterize a washing machine

By Athena Hessong. Related Articles. Bernstein and Peter W.Winter weather requires that certain parts of your home undergo steps to ensure that those areas or items are kept safe for the season. Even machines that are not in use carry residual water in their hoses and pumps. If this water were to freeze, the pumps and valves could be damaged and the warranty simultaneously voided. Others who have a washing machine that is not in use and is inside or outside of a home that is exposed to below-freezing temperatures regularly will also want to take the appropriate steps to winterize their appliance.

There are two methods that will keep your washing machine in great condition while you wait for spring. The first way to winterize a washing machine is to drain all fluids from the appliance.

The steps below detail how to do this in a way that guarantees your machine will be safe in even the lowest of temperatures. From the drain opening, remove the drain hose. This mechanism connects to the drain port at the bottom of the appliance, also connecting the drain to the opening within your home to let water escape. After the hoses are completely drained, tilt the front of the appliance forward to allow any water from the pump to drain.

That is all that you need to do to winterize your washing machine using this method. Then, reconnect the hoses and faucets and begin using the machine as normal. The next method of winterizing your washing machine is another that is simple to carry out.

In this method, RV-type antifreeze is utilized to prevent any water in the appliance from freezing over these chilly months. First, disconnect the water hoses from the machine and shut all of the water faucets off completely. Now that everything is off and disconnected, allow the hoses to drain so that they no longer have any fluid in them.

Add a quart of RV-type antifreeze to the basket of your washing machine. While some may be leery of adding this substance to a major appliance, have no fear. Finally, unplug your washing machine and power it down completely, leaving it that way for the entirety of the season. Reconnect those hoses and switch the faucets on, running the appliance through a full cycle. Use detergent or vinegar to rid the pumps, pipes, and machine of antifreeze completely.

These methods are simple to carry out but do a great deal in keeping your washing machine safe all winter long. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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